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Fabbrica Europa


Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) FABBRICA EUROPA XXII EDIZIONE


Fabbrica Europa XXII has been an immersion in a multitude of creative universes, both physical and cultural: dance, theatre and music expressing unconventional states of the contemporary, tracing simultaneous project lines through innovative proposals enabling a polyphony of voices to emerge. Not an accumulation of signs, but the need to implant relations that give rise to new meanings.
Fabbrica Europa has always worked to build bridges of knowledge and occasions for cultural awareness, finding possible itineraries, unusual trajectories and keeping alive the memory of rituals past and present. Memory that urges on a reactivation of a collective commitment of observation, perception, gesture. 
Towards a future with open horizons.
At the center of the dance program, a focus on Asian production, important European companies, well-known and emerging artists of the international and national landscape, which have represented a unique opportunity for a journey across performative and choreographic languages  beyond every border.
The theatre section has included shows focused on a polyphony of artistic voices mixing words and music, vocal and dramatic research, historical and social issues.
The music proposals of the XXII edition have combined the need of making music to  socio-political matters, in a path where the presence of historical protagonists was intertwined with the most interesting innovations of the current scene.

Filtri: Fabbrica Europa, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Festival, Dance, Visual Art, 2015


CENACOLI FIORENTNI#4_Grande Adagio Popolare




Cenacoli: Depictions of the Last Supper

The event Cenacoli Fiorentini_Grande Adagio Popolare grew out of an idea that Virgilio Sieni developed for the City of Florence in 2011.
Now in its fourth year, the project will take place in Florence's four Cenacoli, or Refectories featuring a Last Supper: San Salvi, Fuligno, Ognissanti and Sant’Apollonia. These precious spaces, rich with history, where visitors reflect on the meaning of the body and its transfiguration, hold frescoes by such great masters of the Renaissance as Andrea del Sarto, Perugino, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Andrea del Castagno. A series of choreographic works performed by women, men, mothers, children, craftsmen, dancers, workers, philosophers. The project looks at the theme of the body and the origin of the figure in humankind through the story of the Passion as told in the gospels.

Tuesday 9 September - Cenacolo di San Salvi, via di San Salvi, 16

Wednesday 10 September - Cenacolo del Fuligno, via Faenza, 42

Thursday 11 September - Cenacolo di Sant’Apollonia, via XXVII Aprile, 1

Friday 12 September - Cenacolo Ognissanti, Borgo Ognissanti

The Cenacoli are part of the Museums of the Office for Historic, Artistic and Ethnic-Anthropological Heritage and the City of Florence Museum Network

Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Dance, 2014

Fabbrica Europa

Festival 2014

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Fabbrica Europa 2014


The 21st Fabbrica Europa festival opens up a cross-disciplinary reflection on the "human condition" and on "contemporary memory", touching on concepts of identity, community and other-ness through artistic creation.An open construction site for a generation on the move, from 8 May through 28 June 2014 the festival offers new perspectives and brings forth a wide range of resistance poetics: performances by international artists that show us the depths of Eastern art theatre and contemporary dance as they are cast onto Europe from various international backgrounds. The festival gives us a look at the world from multiple viewpoints through the eyes of established artists on the contemporary scene and young creators offering fresh new interpretations. A calendar of theatre, dance and performing arts events that starts with the Stazione Leopolda - the location that has symbolized Fabbrica Europa - and spreads to other spaces in Florence, from the Nuovo Teatro dell'Opera to the Teatro Cantiere Florida, crossing the Arno to Cango Cantieri Goldonetta, the Teatro Goldoni, the former Church of San Carlo dei Barnabiti, and finally the Teatro Era in Pontedera.

Filtri: Fabbrica Europa, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Festival, Dance, 2014



Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) LA DEMOCRAZIA DEL CORPO 2013/14



Cango - De anima

These dances are like a collection of notes. They draw near from the darkness, from the depths.
Their dance always takes place within their being drawn to one another.
They come in flurries, like groups of families, playing friends, lives that are left behind and later cherished: it is all sustained between yielding bodies. Flurries that bring out a collection of pictures: all notes, margins, creases on the soul.
Each picture, like a short story, seeks to raise some questions along the plot line: these are dances composed of accelerations, variations and resting into waiting.
The compassionate figures faintly recall Picasso's acrobats, jugglers and harlequins.
The figures seem to evaporate out of water, out of the dampness. In approaching from depths, in appearing on stage, the aim is to display a series of figures at the edges of rooms deep in the murk, where realism melts away in the constant falling of the shapes of the soul.
They are rooms of life, in that they are always waiting for something else.
The soul as a form of the living (Aristotle) tears open humanity.
In this context, the figures in the performance - seemingly melancholic - emerge. This deep darkness, this human instability, in this case, sets off the dancers' smiles and original genius.
Tactility, portrayed as a transparent substance, is the true origin of each picture, if one thinks of the light of gesture which is constantly obtained by the heat of the rotations.
Each dance is also designed according to suggestions taken from Artistotle's
De Anima on the "perceptibles" common to several senses - movement, stillness, number, figure, size - which surround us in a broad awareness with regards to other bodies; and likewise the medium of each sense, that channel that organically connects us to the dense flow of the invisible.
And finally, who are these pale-faced youths who emerge from the depths, interpreted with strength and with abandonment to the gesture of the dance, youths whom we encounter along the arduous path of everyday life? Without wishing to, they show us time held within the particles of movement forming the fragile figure of the passage into the transparency of the forest: like woodsmen, in the thick wood they see the meandering paths that build up the body as it evaporates into the child's game of adulthood.

A 2012 production of _ La Biennale di Venezia / Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
First performed on 8 June 2012, La Biennale International Contemporary Dance Festival, Venice. The Company is supported by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - Directorate General for Live Performance; the Tuscan Regional Authority; and the City of Florence

Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Dance, 2014



Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) LA DEMOCRAZIA DEL CORPO 2013/14



Cango - art talks

Three talks with the directors of the most important contemporary art centres who will discuss the artist's vital space as well as their own projects

10 December, 6 pm
Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin

Monday 17 March, 6:30 pm
Andrea Viliani, General Director of Madre - the Donnaregina Museum of Contemporary Art in Naples.


Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Dance, Visual Art, 2013


La democrazia del corpo

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Festival Oltrarno Atelier 2013


La democrazia del corpo (The democracy of the body) addresses the subject of the body as a viaticum of transmission and suspension through a series of shows, gatherings, residencies, and experiences. One-hundred-and-fifty days in the heart of the world of gesture and dance; a journey that reveals itself to the visitor as a practice in which it is possible to share an openness towards other arts. For the first time, Virgilio Sieni brings to Cango four “Compagnia” productions and three specific projects by the Accademia sull’arte del gesto, which are meant to form one organic vision. La democrazia del corpo presents the public with viewing itineraries designed as journeys in search of gesture; an open workshop that develops a trio of relationships and reverberations between Florence, Marseille and Riga. The project for the Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture 2013 involved over 160 Accademia sull’arte del gesto dancers from all over the Mediterranean basin, women and men of all ages who starred in three choreographed “Agoras” in symbolic locations around the city of Marseille.

Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Festival, Dance, Visual Art, 2013


Cenacoli fiorentini - Grande adagio popolare III


The project Cenacoli fiorentini _ Grande Adagio Popolare (Florentine Cenacoli_Great Folkloric Adage), an event involving four cenacoli (monastic dining halls) in Florence that proposes to draw a new geography of city places, is now in its third year. In constant dialogue with the various representations of the Last Supper, the actions take on the value of a human, figurative study that develops around the theme of contact, a physical journey that traverses radically different identities, languages, and places connected by poetic gesture. In these extraordinary and hidden places of the city, places of sharing and viewing, of meditation and silence, actions involving professional dancers, children, adolescents, mother-child pairs, and women and men from different countries come alive in an journey that invites the suspension of the everyday gesture.

Filtri: CANGO, Performing Art, Festival, Dance, Visual Art, Theatre, 2013

Fabbrica Europa

edition 2013


Fabbrica Europa arrives at its twentieth edition. Established in 1994 from an idea of ​​Maurizia Settembri and Andres Death Terés with the ambitious desire to create a home in Florence for the culture of Europe, gave rise to a space for contemporary arts and languages. Workshop, shop, and laboratory stage of research and experimentation, Fabbrica Europa has returned to the city a place of industrial archeology, the Stazione Leopolda, recovering cultural use.With 19 editions of the festival behind and numerous production projects, training and culture, gave factory Europe and aims to give space to many local artistic scene, national and international, building a network of exchanges capable of consolidating a fertile land and great impact, making a significant contribution to the confirmation of Florence as a place to meet and compare different cultures, and contributing to the formation of an audience for innovative and artistic events outside of the traditional circuits. The binding of Fabbrica Europa with Europe is also evidenced by the investment policy of the European Union, which over the years has contributed to the financing of the most important projects, recognizing the value and international stature. The sites for these experiences will CanGo Shipyards Goldonetta, The Vivaio del Malcantone, French Institute, the Stazione Leopolda, the Theatre Shipyard Florida,Teatro della Pergola Theatre, Theatre Studio Scandicci and White Box AOM.

Filtri: Fabbrica Europa, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Festival, Dance, Cinema, Visual Art, 2013


Frau Frisör Fosca

Frau Frisör Fosca - 0 Frau Frisör Fosca - 1 Frau Frisör Fosca - 2 Frau Frisör Fosca - 3



The 2013 program of Frau Frisör Fosca (FFF) has inaugurated a period dedicated to sound experimentations and its interdisciplinary connections. Fosca offers a series of occasions dedicated to the interaction between sound, space and perception giving special attention to live performances.
This direction, which includes various formats and research fields, consolidates the collaborations with important local artists and at the same time connects with national and international artists. The interest concerning sound as a filed for artistic research and performance is becoming ever more important for Fosca.

This is the program updated to June

Friday 22nd February at 7:30 pm
Cecilia Blanco e Andras Calamandrei_Una promesa de autonomia
The first appointment  for 2013 is dedicated to a performance, repeated twice, which is the result of the first two weeks long artistic residence of a performing artist form  BuenosAires and a visual artist.

Saturday the 16th of march at 7:30 pm
Blutwurst in concert
The musicians collective based in Florence Blutwurst,  is dedicated to radical improvisation and graphic scores presents a live set with five element. On the 20th anniversary of the death of its inventor Lev Sergeevic Termen special attention is giving to the Theremin.

In collaboration with Tempo Reale and Paesaggio Sonoro Network, FFF hosts to events of FKL “Per Chi Suona il Paesaggio” (For who does the scenery sound).

Thursday 11th of April listening session of works from FKL

Fridat 12th of April the “La bottega degli incontri silenziosi” by Albert Mayr

Friday the 24th of May
Enio Colaci and Alice “Electronic music for barber shop”,
Electronic musician and pianist on laptop and synth.

Saturday the 8th of May
Il Comprensivo Contemporaneo, Radio Papesse, Jessica Grasse and present the work which follows the workshop held in Istituto Comprensivo Calamandrei. The performance is coordinated by Massimo Ricciardo.

Monday the 17th of June
Poetry night with readings by Elisa Biagini who held a workshop on the tales by the Grimm brothers. With Eva Taylor, Stefania Zampiga, Jacopo Ninni, Brenda Porster, Liliana Gruef e Marco Simonelli

Saturday the 23rd of June at 7:30 pm
Live unplugged by the Australian singer Wasp Summer.
With the partnership of Indietravel.

Saturday 29th of June
LIM_performance based on Parkour
Last event of a project which include the participation of parkour athletes, artist, and youth which joined the workshop.
In July.


Filtri: Fosca, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Dance, 2013

Teatro della Limonaia

A Tribute to Ping Pong

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Intercity Festival 2012


Ping Pong is not just a sport. It’s a philosophy. The intellectual recipe is a mix of Yin and Yang, Heaven and Hell, Stephen Hawking and Uri Geller, with a dash of Kahlil Gibran and Bruce Lee on top.
This is an independent continuation of the peculiar symbiosis of sport and dance JSK developed in 1997 with A Dance Tribute to the Art of Football. This original idea, the first of its kind ever, has been a strange bird in the international dance fauna. With close to 500 shows in 23 countries and still running strong, a number of prizes, and an inmense press coverage, it’s still represents an academic dilemma – is it populistic entertainment or cutting edge contemporary dance? The paradox of the football show is that it was meant as a short lived happening with a shoestring budget and a hilariously short rehearsal time.
A Tribute to Ping Pong has been on the sketch board for almost a decade, in search for the right moment where the company can be sure of sufficient time and resources to take the potential further. The new production maintains a fearless approach to popular culture references and represents the more pure dance style of the company. In addition, puppet theatre is particularly present this time, along with a voiceover in badly spoken English. The show’s storyboard have deliberate similarities to the average american B-film script – a team of bleach white youngsters are taught Eastern philosophy in record time and take ping pong to a transcendental level. The thematic grey zone is deliberately grey – bouncing between respectless blasphemy at worst and charming naiveness at best.


The Festival is promoted by Teatro della Limonaia, Sesto Idee – Istituzione per i servizi Culturali Educativi e Sportivi di Sesto FiorentinoComune di Sesto Fiorentino Comune di Firenze, Provincia di Firenze, Regione ToscanaMinistero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali.

Filtri: Teatro della Limonaia, Theatre, Performing Art, Visual Art, 2012

Fabbrica Europa

Art Mobility


For the XIX edition the International Festival of contemporary stage arts Fabbrica Europa presents a particularly varied and complex programme with many national premières and original creations, among which the opening show OEDIPUS/BÊT NOIR by Wim Vandekeybus at Teatro della Pergola of Florence (3rd May, h 21.15).
From its catalyzing historical centre, the Stazione Leopolda, it will stretch out across the city of Florence with events in other spaces and performing actions which will involve squares, streets, Renaissance corners and urban crossroads. The objective is to bring alive a real map of the contemporary scenario in order to involve and spread cultural action not only to the wide public of the Festival, but also to the still wider "man-in-the-street" population, not habitually in touch with the languages of art.
Thus, at Stazione Leopolda the public will have the possibility to discover the most recent and interesting international and national contemporary expressions of dance, music, theatre as well as visual arts and multimedia.
The project POST ELETTRONICA investigates territories of "post-electronic" experimentation revealing Cage's contemporary inheritance and presenting installations and performances by artists who share a dramatic and gestural use of new technologies. 

Parallel paths with events and performances of recognized and emerging artists will mark the coordinates of a creative geography of the city, under the sign of  the concept of the mobility of art, indicating  movement, transit, journey, both across nations (among, but not restricted to, European countries) and across cultures (through meetings and exchanges among different different identities), but also across time and generations (focusing particularly on the relationship between the Masters and the young).

With the contribution of: Programma Cultura dell'Unione Europea, Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Toscana, Provincia di Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Osservatorio per le arti contemporanee

With the support of: Ambasciata di Francia, Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi - Olandiamo in Toscana, Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati, Institut Français, Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Youth in Action Programme dell'Unione Europea, Roots&Routes international



Filtri: Fabbrica Europa, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Festival, Dance, Visual Art, 2012

Fabbrica Europa

Worlds of Culture

Worlds of Culture - 0 Worlds of Culture - 1 Worlds of Culture - 2



Worlds of Culture is the title of the 2011 Festival Fabbrica Europa, scheduled for May 4 to 28 at the Stazione Leopolda and other venues. It opens a new exploration into the many cultural islands and territories that although part of that global world that is our continent today, have a recognizable identity and a fertile originality. Fabbrica Europa includes national and international productions and projects by recognized masters and a new generation of artists who, through the contamination between different disciplines, broaden the horizon of the contemporary artistic idioms. With a detailed program of events that include dance, theatre, music, installations, workshops and panels, the Festival is an opportunity to draw an ever more current map of the thoughts that cross contemporary Europe.

The opening is headed by Alain Platel, a master of the European scene. One of this year’s guests and productions is the premiere of Missa Ockeghem, the result of a collaboration between Homme Armé and Tempo Reale; Zita Swoon in collaboration with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, the Norwegians Verdensteatret and Zero Visibility, Virgilio Sieni, Anna Stigsgaard and Roberto Bacci, T.R.A.S.H., Santasangre and much more.
Download calendar day by day

Filtri: Fabbrica Europa, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Festival, Dance, 2011


Aufstieg und Fall


Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny is the masterpiece connecting the theatrical author Bertolt Brecht to the musician Kurt Weil at the end of the twenties. The real grandeur of the piece doesn’t reside just in its ability of anticipating the forthcoming scenarios, of describing the anarchy of Consumerism, the falseness and weakness of capitalism, but in its representation too; a work mixing languages, mother tongues, high and low culture, a kind of musical play that melts music and words, making itself available for a series of virtuosities out of the ordinary.

Kinkaleri’s deal sneaks in the crease of mise-en-scene using the text as narrative trail and as a pretext for a performance taking charge of its existential condition; in A&F the pivotal points of Brecht’s work are undertaken as basic elements then developed in a circular move where the performer and the recorded story merge, embodying the signs of the new work. 
The performance, properly a one-man-show, develops on a table’s surface where you go back the way of events of the trap-city, characters are played by some puppets, animated by the performer, a true translation of grotesque. 
The apparently recreational form of the performance stimulates a reflection on the contemporary manner and on the unlimited possibilities of representation, then turning the Theatre into a sort of pocket-travelling-theatre without avoiding the entertainment that show itself well-rendered.

project> Kinkaleri
with > Marco Mazzoni
production > Lunatica Festival / Castello in Movimento 
supported by > Xing
special thanks to > Maria Luisa Pacelli and PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea di Ferrara

Filtri: Kinkaleri, Theatre, Performing Art, 2011


Atlante del bianco

Evento inserito nella rassegna (eng) Oltrarno Atelier Festival


The Compagnia Damasco Corner is made up of a group of blind children and came into being with a project by Virgilio Sieni, with some unique research based on the mutual perception of the body and the nature of the gesture.

L’atlante del bianco gives the stage to Giuseppe Comuniello, the protagonist of a work whose final form was the end of a complex process that began in late 2008 with the support of the team of L’Accademia sull’arte del gesto (the Academy of the Art of Movement). This young blind dancer transcribes for us with his body an imaginary journey towards the knowledge of colours. These are fantasies that originate with simple orientation exercises that develop into an archipelago of outstanding gestures and performances.

L’Accademia sull’arte del gesto, founded and directed by Virgilio Sieni, with headquarters in CANGO, is a study course on the transmission of movement aimed at creating innovative practices on the meaning of the body and dance.

The show is presented at the Festival Oltrarno Atelier


Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Dance, 2010


Festival Oltrarno Atelier


The fifth edition of the festival continues to make the Florentine Oltrarno an international workshop – unique in its kind – of artistic experiences, engrossing practices, premier visions, site-specific creations.

The novelty of this edition is its scheduling in the autumn and the decision to distribute the programming over the arc of a month rather than a week.

The Festival Oltrarno Atelier,, which grew out of the CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta to develop its qualities in a concentrated and intense event, each year adds greater depth to its innovative visions and experiences in contemporary idioms in the unique and special Oltrarno territory, embracing a broad artistic perspective. In fact, in this encounter there is fresh potential for creativity and artistic achievement, subverting the boundaries between artist and audience, action and vision, work places and places of entertainment. The perception of urban and anthropological space is reshaped in the crossovers that are activated: the places become the setting, context and connective tissue for unique events, often new to the public, where the boundaries of genre are broken down and move between dance, performance art, visual arts, installation, and poetry.


Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Dance, Visual Art, 2010


Festival Oltrarno Atelier

Festival Oltrarno Atelier - 0 Festival Oltrarno Atelier - 1 Festival Oltrarno Atelier - 2



The fourth edition of the Festival Oltrarno Atelier is completely dedicated to the theme of transmission of the gesture, intended as encounter, creation and vision but also as an opportunity for reflection on a renewed geography of the territory.

Today, the capacity to conceive and articulate a project regarding the city and the identity of a place springs from an analysis of Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood and the territory around Cango: the festival proposes a well-defined visualization of the entire range of projects by the Academy of the Art of the Gesture, created in 2007 by Virgilio Sieni, and the array of groups born in the past two years.

It is an exploration of the transmission of practices to children, to the elderly, to blind youngsters and to artists, in an attempt to identify the meaning of the contemporary by searching for roots in the territory. This year as in the past, the festival locations trace a map of meaning of a renewed geography that needs to be opened up to our eyes and ears, through the dislocation of experiences that suggest a blossoming of approaches and sharing: they are moments treated as hiatuses, brief and intense, like so many questions asked of the city regarding its capacity to accept and welcome and its sense of vision.

The artists: Nada, Manuela Menici, Alba Donati, Enrico Bertelli,  Damasco Equipe, Francesca Grilli, Elisa Biagini, Bottega Inside; and from Academy of the Art of the Gesture: Gruppo Masolino,Gruppo Eden, Gruppo Duccio,

Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Music, Dance, 2009

Krypton/Teatro Studio

The Stone Bridge


The Compagnia Krypton brings to the stage Il ponte di pietra (The Stone Bridge), a text by Daniel Danis, directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio.

Two children, Momo the boy and Mung the girl, are the protagonists of this story without time or place. The children tell of their departures from their respective families, who, to get away from a conflict zone, have them delivered to a foreigner in exchange for money, hoping to save them. And it is in this merchant’s truck that the first meeting between Mung and Momo takes place, before they become slaves in a carpet factory.

Both children have a souvenir of their family. Mung brings an animal skin, given to her by her grandmother, on which she must continue to weave the legend of her family, while Momo brings an idea, namely the desire to build bridges as his ancestors before him had done. One day in the factory, there is an explosion and the children manage to escape. Together, between dream and reality, they explore the world, in search of the 'country without war'. Together, they will learn to know themselves and each other, to fight suffering. Together they will invent a new world.



Filtri: Krypton/Teatro Studio, Theatre, 2009

Krypton/Teatro Studio

Zoom Arte/ Dehors

Zoom Arte/ Dehors - 0 Zoom Arte/ Dehors - 1



Dehors is a project by Pietro Gaglianò, involving Cristian Chironi, Giovanni Ozzola, Maria Pecchioli with Caterina Poggesi and Enrico Vezzi

Cities need to have their stories told and their own myths discovered, thanks to the gaze of the inspired observers. Scandicci, in line with its contemporary vision, finds, mirrored in the work of the artists, its own hidden soul, here declined in visions, actions and paths. Four artists are called upon to interpret the urban space, choosing the location of their work spaces in the city that belongs to those who spend every day in it: the transit zones, roads, the meeting places. Four site-specific works send out call signals to hold an open dialogue with Scandicci and its lights.

This edition of Zoom Teatro, under the sign of a practice that distinguishes the activities of the Teatro Studio, broadens the horizon to go into more labile territory, crossing the border from those performing arts that are traditionally defined as theatrical to include other contemporary visual idioms.


Filtri: Krypton/Teatro Studio, Theatre, Performing Art, Visual Art, 2008


Art Residencies


CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta offers residencies for choreographers, companies or artists, both established and very young, throughout the year. The aim is to provide a precious space for research and creation during development and the change to develop projects more thoroughly.

The purpose of the residency is to protect the artist and at the same time open an exchange in order to allow for artistic breakthroughs. The residencies are one of the fundamental aspects of the Cango for facilitating a confrontation between the artists who are there together, nourishing a permanent forum between different disciplines, and allowing the public to follow, through the presentation of studies, the unfolding of an artistic process which for the most part generally remains invisible. The residency provides an opportunity to present the work of artists in different stages of development: study, work in progress, performance and show.

The artists in residence in 2008 are: 

Emio Greco/PCMK, Hermann Diephuis.


Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Dance, 2008


Adam and Eve project


Throughout the year 2008, a training and creation course was developed at CANGO, aimed at a group of children aged 7 and 8. The project was directed by Virgilio Sieni and is part of the programme of the Accademia sull'arte del gesto, conceived and directed by the choreographer as a novel context for the transmission of artistic practices and creation.

Through regular meetings on a weekly basis, with moments for intensification, the children went on a journey to discover the body, movement and the idioms of contemporary art: at the same time, they worked with a series of iconographic references on the theme of Adam and Eve, from a few masterpieces in the Florence area, such as those of Masolino, Masaccio and Donatello, going as far as the bas-reliefs of Wiligelmo in Modena.


Filtri: CANGO, Theatre, Performing Art, Dance, 2008

Krypton/Teatro Studio

Antartide o dell'immersione nel bianco


With Antartide o dell'immersione nel bianco (Antarctica or diving in the white) Giancarlo Cauteruccio returns to poetry, choosing the homonymous work by Roberto Mussapi, published by Guanda in 2000.

It is 1901. Western man, who explored and conquered almost all the lands and seas of the world, ventures onto the last unexplored continent, the legendary Antarctic, which has been the subject of fables since the time of the Greeks and which for centuries has been approached by the great navigators. But when man finally reaches it, he realizes that the last continent is just ice and dazzling whiteness. This is the conquest with which our century begins: nothingness. Starting from this assumption Roberto Mussapi has written a poem on the conquest of Antarctica which becomes a metaphor for the human condition and the crisis of the twentieth century. The lone protagonist of the piece is Virginio Gazzolo, whose voice - thanks to innovative technologies - is amplified and expanded on the stage to tell the dramatic journey of the ship Endurance, and images generated by a sophisticated digital-visual system creating the dreamlike visionary landscape.

A blinding white, an icy prison in which the Commander Tom Crean recounts his life and in which he and his crew of men struggle against death.



Filtri: Krypton/Teatro Studio, Theatre, 2008